Learn about giosg with giosg Academy

The Academy consists of 6 compact courses that will give you the knowledge you need to get started with the giosg tools, Live Chat and Interaction Builder. 

Live Chat 4 courses:

  • Chatting on desktop 15 min
  • Chatting on mobile 10 min
  • Chat settings 10 min
  • Chat reporting 5 min

Interaction Builder 2 courses:

  • Interaction Builder Basics 20 min
  • Interaction Builder Advanced 30 min

It’s all up to you in which order you want to complete them. You can start from Chat reporting and then continue to Chatting on mobile, or whatever suits you the best. 

However, in order to get the official giosg Live Chat and Interaction Builder certificates, you will need to complete a whole unit - 4 courses for Live Chat and 2 courses for Interaction Builder. 

At the end of each course, please leave us your contact details so that we can send you the certificate in an email.