Autosuggest capacity 

The purpose of the Autosuggest capacity is to regulate the proactiveness (the autosuggest messages) of the chat. A proactive chat typically generates more chat conversations, hence autosuggest capacity is a way to affect the amount of incoming chats

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This is how it works:

  • The capacity will regulate how many autosuggest messages will be sent in your name. 
    Capacity of 3 means 30 autosuggests sent in your name.
  • When your capacity is full, no more autosuggest messages will be sent in your name until some of the capacity is freed by:
    a. Ending chat conversation
    b. Visitors prompted with autosuggests leave your domain

Autosuggest capacity only affects autosuggest messages and has no effect on the chat button. It is therefore possible that new chats come in when full capacity is reached.  
If you don’t want to get more chats, click "Stop" and you will be set offline (this will not affect current conversations).