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Things to consider when creating B2C lead generation campaigns

A visually appealing and properly targeted interaction can have up to 50% visitor to lead conversion.

Here are some tips on what to think about when using Interaction Builder for B2C lead generation campaigns:

Engage your visitor. Make sure your visitors have fun while interacting with you - building a short trivia, a quiz or such is a great way to ensure your visitors engage with your content. 

Display your interaction in the right place and for the right audience. Position your interaction on a specific landing page and direct traffic to this page. For example utilizing your social media channels for driving traffic for a campaign is a great way to reach your target audience. 

Make the interaction visually appealing. Use images, gifs and other content that draws visitors’ attention easily. Don’t hesitate to put some effort into the look and feel.

Provide incentives. Provide your visitors with an incentive that lowers the threshold for giving their contact information. For example campaigns with a possibility of taking part in a raffle are more likely to convert higher amounts of leads than those that don’t offer the visitor an incentive.