Chat is not showing on the website

Some things to check on if the chat is not showing on your website.

  • First make sure that the giosg script tag is added to your web-page and is loading correctly (the browser is not showing any errors on the website). You can find the script tag in your giosg account by clicking Settings → Company → Script tag.
    The chat elements appear on the web-page once a chat agent is online (have pressed Start).
  • If the script tag has been added, the next step is to make sure that the domain has been added to your account. The domain should be added in basic form (for example as , not or More info on adding domains can be found here.
  • If the script is added to the website and the domain has been created in your giosg account, another good thing to look at is the routers. Has a router been added to the room(s) where the chat should be showing? The easiest place to check this is in the Settings → Rooms view, more information on routers can be found here.
  • If you are using custom rooms please also check that you have added the main domain to "Connected domains" in the room settings.