Video tutorials for chat agents

Watch the below videos to get to know our chat and its key features. In the end of the article you can also find some recorded user trainings that tells you everything you need to know about chatting - and more.

Logging in to the giosg console

This video shows you how you log in to giosg. 

Profile settings

It is a good idea to check your profile settings before you start chatting. In the profile settings you can edit your own user information and set sound and desktop notifications for new chat messages.


The giosg Console

Watch this video to get an overview of the giosg console and learn about the different parts of it.


New chats and the chat window

This video shows you how it looks like when a new chat conversation starts and introduces you to the chat window.


Canned answers

Canned answers or saved replies make chatting quick and easy. Watch this video to see how they work.


Tagging chat conversations

Chats can be categorized by tagging them - this video shows you how.


Inviting colleagues to chats

Watch this video to learn about how chat invites work. 


Recorded training sessions

User training in English

User training in Finnish