giosg domains and IP addresses

The following IP addresses are considered as Giosg public addresses.

Host IP Purpose
HTTP(s) traffic
HTTP(s) traffic
HTTP(s) / Websocket traffic Connections from giosg to out

IP addresses of all domains mentioned above will be dynamically picked from the following subnets and may change without preliminary notice in bounds of the following subnets:



If your organisation is using outbound IP filtering, please add all the IP addresses and subnets listed above to the outbound firewall’s allowed IP list in order to use Giosg services.

If your organisation has set up a service accepting HTTP queries from Giosg in automated manner (e.g. webhooks), please allow also inbound traffic coming from domain’s IP address(es) to that service.

In case your firewall/IPS supports filtering based on domains rather than IP addresses, please allow outbound traffic to the domains mentioned above and inbound traffic from for the services requiring that.


For more information and details, visit our giosg for developers - site.