Installing the giosg extension

Adding extensions to Google Chrome can enhance your browsing experience and productivity. In this article you will learn all the ways to add giosg extension to your Google Chrome web browser.

  1. In Google Chrome, go to your extensions (More tools -> Extensions)
    or write chrome://extensions/ directly in the address bar.
  2. Make sure Developer mode is enabled in the extensions panel.
  3. First download (by clicking this link) then extract the giosg extension file. 

    3.1 On Mac, double click the downloaded .zip file to extract it.

    3.2 On Windows, double click the downloaded .zip file and select “Extract all” from the toolbar.
  4. After extracting the extension file, click “Load unpacked” in the extensions panel and select the extracted giosg extension folder to install it. 
  5. Your giosg browser extension is now installed!
    Click on “Details” to access the extension settings.
  6. In the Embedded giosg settings, select which site you want the giosg extension to appear on from the Site access section.
  7. You’re all set!