Adding the giosg script to your website

Adding the giosg script to your website will allow our tools to work on your site.

The giosg script needs to be added inside the website's HTML <head> element. 

The script can be found in your giosg account. If you don't have an account yet, we will send it to you via email. If you have an account, follow these instructions to get the script:

Open the giosg Console→ Settings → Company → Script tag 
(Or login to your account and simply click on this link to get your Giosg script).


Here is an example of the script. (The number 12345 needs to be changed to your giosg company ID):

<!-- giosg tag -->
(function(w, t, f) {
var s='script',o='_giosg',h='',e,n;e=t.createElement(s);e.async=1;e.src=h+'/live/';
<!-- giosg tag -->


Please visit our giosg for developers - site for more info on how the giosg script works.