Add a new domain to your giosg account

In order for the giosg tools to work on a website, the domain needs to be added to your giosg account.

You can add and manage domains by going to Settings → Domains and Rooms,. Don't forget to add the giosg script tag to the new site. The domain can also be added on the Publish page in Interaction builder

When adding new domains, please note that the domain should be in basic form, for example instead of or

When the domain has been added, you can proceed to set up rules for how the chat should work on the site or publish your interaction

If you are setting up the chat on new domain, you need to make sure your new room has a router as the final step of the setup. The chat then goes live once someone goes online in the chat.

If the script tag has been added to the page but the domain is missing, you will typically see a 403, domain not found error.