Understanding agent statuses

Agent statuses play an important role in optimizing resource utilization, improving customer satisfaction, and streamlining operations in chat support and contact center environments.

Agents in giosg can be assigned one of five statuses, three of which are automatically determined based on the agent's actions and cannot be manually changed.

  • Online:  Agents are actively engaged with Visitors when in this state.
  • In a Chat: Automatically updates based on the number of ongoing Visitor chats.
  • In a Call: Automatically updates when the Agent is in a virtual or telephony call with a Visitor.
  • Away: Automatically changes if the Agent is inactive in the giosg tab for 15 minutes. Agents are still considered "Online" and will receive Visitor requests.
  • Offline: Indicates that the Agent is no longer available to serve Visitors.

Additionally, a new banner will prompt Agents to "Go online" in three scenarios:

  1. When the agent is logged in but offline.
  2. When the agent goes online and then offline.
  3. When the agent opens a new tab while offline.

If the agent chooses to postpone the prompt by clicking "Not now," it will reappear after 15 minutes.