At giosg, we believe in the power of chatting to connect with our webpage visitors. It's our way of providing instant, personalized support to make each visitor's experience truly unique and meaningful.

There are numerous chat features to take into account. We'll introduce some of them briefly here and provide dedicated article links where needed.

There are 2 primary chat categories:

1. Private chat

In this category, a single agent is assigned to engage in a private chat with a single visitor.

If the need arises for another expert, and with the visitor's consent, agents can invite their colleagues to join the conversation, using the "Invite member" feature.

2. Group chat

This category is primarily designed for internal purposes, allowing agents to communicate with their colleagues, handle incoming requests, and access shared reporting.

According to their authorisation, agents are able to create group, invite and/or join the group chat:

Chat multitasking is possible, encouraging agent to serve multiple chats simultaneously.

Finally, in order to make the most out of your chatting experience, make sure to review this article on best practices for successful chats.