Define click actions for elements

When you have buttons in an interaction, you always want to define what happens when a button is clicked. For this you need actions.

On the Design page in Interaction Builder, click on a  button element and choose "Actions" from the panel on the right and click "+ Action". This will open up a drop down menu from where you can choose your desired action(s). The ones most frequently used are:

  • Change view: choose which view will be displayed for the visitor. Views can be found at the bottom in the "1. Design" view. 
  • Exit: Close the entire interaction
  • URL: Direct your visitor to a website (through redirect or through a new tab)

GIF test


You can add several actions by clicking "+Action" after your initial action. These actions will be triggered in order from top to bottom.


Have a look at this guide if you need tips on how to use these actions.