Tips on how to use different actions

In Interaction Builder, actions define what happens when an element is clicked. Here are some tips on how to use the most common actions in Interaction Builder.

Below we have listed the most common actions in Interaction Builder and how those can be used. Want to learn the basics of using actions in interactions? Then check out this guide.

Change view

This action is probably the most commonly used and what you will need the most. This action changes view when you click on an element in the interaction. The options are:

  • Change to a specific view
  • Change to previous view

For this action, we would recommend naming the view accordingly, as it makes it easier to choose the correct view to change to. 


You can determine that for example a button in an interaction directs the customer to another page. The Url action is the way to go in achieving this. There are two options for adding the url:

  • Redirect (opens the page in the same tab)
  • Open in a new tab

We recommend using the redirect option when the url directs the customer inside your own webpage. If you need to add an external url that is in another domain, new tab is recommended since it might not be best to direct the customer out of the company’s own webpage.

Submit form

Do you have a contact form in your interaction or are you gathering for example feedback with our tool? Then a "submit form" action is needed.

When using this action, you need to think about where you want the forms to be submitted. The sent forms will automatically be saved to the interaction’s form data. However, when it comes to contact forms, we recommend that you attach an email to the action so the contact details are sent to you directly. When using an email, sender name and email subject are also required.

If needed you can add multiple emails in the email field, by listing them on separate rows.

When you have for example an NPS questionnaire on your website it might not make sense to have the replies by email, instead you can gather them in Interaction Builder and download the report of the scores for example weekly or monthly. To do that, just leave the email field empty.

Tip: Make a ”Thank you” view to your interaction and add another action after the submit form action with Change viewThank you view, so that the customer sees that the form has been sent successfully.

Open chat to a room

 If you have giosg chat available, why not add a chat button to your interaction? If you have a chat button inside your interaction then open "chat to a room" action is needed. 

There are two options in using the action:

  • Use existing settings
  • Choose a room where the chat is opened to

Use existing settings might be simpler setup wise. So with a more complex chat setup this might be the way to go. This action will not hide the chat button when agents are offline.

Our recommendation is to use the alternative 2 which enables you to hide the chat button based on online/offline state. In most cases, this is also a bit more user friendly solution. 


Best practice in using the "Exit" action is to use that with consideration, as it will close the interaction from the visitor completely for the rest of the session. We therefore recommend using this action only when it is intended that the interaction closes and stays closed. This applies for example for pop-ups.

If you have a bot in place, it is recommended to use change view action instead in the exit-button, and change the view to a "minimized button" from where the bot can be reopened.