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Connecting Facebook Messenger to giosg

giosg's Messenger app allows you to serve your customers in Live chat and Facebook Messenger seamlessly from giosg. Setting it up is easy and only takes a couple of minutes!

With giosg Messenger app you can serve customers in both Live chat and Facebook Messenger seamlessly from giosg, without ever having to leave the giosg console.

Installation and setup is quick and easy, and can be done by a user that has A. giosg credentials with Settings permissions and B. admin rights to the Facebook page. Link the Facebook page to a giosg room of your choice and you are ready to go!


  1. Install application

    Head to giosg apps (Settings → Apps) and install the Messenger app by clicking "Install"

    During the installation, needed permissions are listed and reviewed. Agree to the app permissions and giosg terms and conditions to move forward.

  2. Link your Facebook page

    When adding a new Facebook page to your giosg account, make sure you have admin rights to the Facebook page as only admins can complete the installation. Just click "+ Add pages" and log in to Facebook. By logging in, a connection is automatically made between your Facebook account and giosg account and you will be guided through the rest of the steps.

    You can add several Facebook pages to your giosg account and use routers to decide which chat team serves which page. To add more pages, go to Settings → Apps, click "Setup" and then "Add pages".
  3. Complete setup

    After linking your accounts and choosing a page in Facebook, you will be redirected to giosg. You can then choose which room you would like the Facebook messenger conversations to be directed to. You can use an existing room such as the room where your chats take place, or create a new room for Facebook chats only.

    Typically having a separate room for Facebook chats is a good idea, as this allows you to separately monitor chat amounts for your website and Facebook page. You can also have different tags and routers for these chats. 
    Need to create a new room for Facebook chats? Just head over to Settings → Rooms, click "Create new room" (or domain) and name the new room (for example "Facebook"). Also remember to add a router for the room. 
  4. Start serving your customers

    You are ready to go after linking your Facebook page to giosg, and you can start serving customers from both Live Chat and Messenger seamlessly from the giosg Console. The chat window automatically gives you the visitor's Facebook name so you know which Facebook profile you are chatting with. 


Not sure if giosg Messenger app is included in your subscription? Contact us at sales@giosg.com or check our plans here.