Downloading data from giosg

To export data from giosg, complete the following steps from the chat console go to Reporting → Custom reports → Chat logs. There are a few different reports available here: Chat logs (all chats within the selected time period), Total Statistics (key numbers on a daily basis for selected time period) and Total Statistics hourly (key numbers on an hourly basis for selected time period).


To download the report:

  • Select the timespan at the top of the page and which room(s) you want to include in the report.
    Select which type of report you want from the left (Chat logs, Total Statistics, Total Statistics Hourly, Leads)
  • Select the report you want from the left ("Available reports")
  • Select the relevant fields to export from the column in the middle ("Choose fields to export")
  • From the right, choose “Download report now” and select a file format (XLSX, CSV, TXT)

These reports can also be scheduled to your email. Fore more info visit this article.