Reply suggestions

Reply suggestions provide quick, context-aware agent responses for streamlined and efficient customer support. They adapt to ongoing conversations, learn from interactions over time, and boost overall productivity by handling repetitive queries.

Explore the effectiveness of giosg's "Reply Suggestions" in live chat, transforming agent interactions seamlessly:
  • Address Repetitive and Simple Questions:
    • Efficiently handle routine queries and streamline responses effortlessly.
  • Navigate Lengthy Inquiries:
    • Empower your agents to tackle detailed questions with speed and precision using Giosg's advanced Reply Suggestions.
  • Optimize your live chat experience for enhanced efficiency.

Prerequisites for reply suggestion usage:

1. Use chat 2.0.

2. Have Copilot app active. 

Not sure if giosg Copilot app is included in your subscription? Contact us at

How to use the feature

Meeting our two prerequisites grants you access to the "Reply Suggestion" feature, which is recognisable by the badge, visible on messages with at least one available suggestion. These  chatGPT-powered  ready-to-use replies are additionally crafted from your company insights and chat history. Multiple suggestions may be available, and you always have the option to edit and personalise them further before sending.

There are 2 ways of starting this feature:

1. Clicking anywhere on the visitors message that contains the "Reply Suggestion" badge.

2. Type "?" in the chat input field.

The outcome will be the same in both cases. In this view, you can decide to edit your message before sending it out:

You can repeat this process for as many messages as you wish, given that they contain the "Reply Suggestion" badge.

Additionally, the pop-up that appears is an interaction tooltip, raising agent's awareness of the new feature. It can be programmed to be shown only for a certain number of chats, and then it switches off automatically: