Routers are used to route traffic in rooms to specific users, teams or organisations.

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What are routers?
Manage your routers
Create a new router
Create a router with several steps

What are routers?

Routers are groups of users, teams or organisations that the traffic in a room is routed to. Only the people in the router will see the traffic in the room and are able to serve in it. You can have different routers for all your different rooms, or use the same router in all/several rooms.

You can manage your routers from the Router view in the giosg console (Settings → Routers) or from the Rooms view (Settings → Rooms → Choose room → Edit router).

Manage your routers

See a list of all your routers in the Settings → Routers view and get an understanding of the rooms they are used in. Click on a router to edit it or choose +Create new router to create a new one.

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You can also go to Settings → Rooms to see which routers are used in which room(s). Click on a router to edit it or to get a look at its content.

Note that rooms require a router for the chat to be available in them. If no router has been set, the traffic from the room will not be directed to anyone and no one will be online in the room.

Create a new router

Go to Settings → Routers and choose + Create router (or Settings → Rooms → Choose room → Create router).

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When creating a router:

  • Choose specific users, teams and/or organisations for your router.
    These will serve in the room(s) that the router is used in.
  • Choose the room(s) you want to use the router in.

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Only organizations that are networked with your giosg account are available in the routers. Contact if there is an organization you'd like to network with.

Create a router with several steps

By adding more than one step to your router you can direct chats from one group to the other based on different conditions.

Step 1 is the primary group that will chat in the room.
Create another step and define the conditions for when chats should be routed from one step to another. Chats will overflow to the users in the next step, when any of the conditions are met.

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