Visitor information

Real-time visitor information gives agents available context on the visitor and results in smoother, faster, and more personal chats.

Visitor information is available in the chat to help you serve your customers better.

You can find it during an active chat by clicking on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner, choosing the "Visitor information" option:

A side panel will open on the right side, visible simultaneously with your current chat:

Currently available information on visitor here are split between following categories:

  1. Basic information
    1. Company: Your company name.
    2. Referrer: Where the visitor is coming from. E.g. if visitor looked up your company from Google and opened your page by clicking the search result, the referrer would say
    3. Room: Where the chat is landing. You can set this up following our guide on "Rooms".
  2. Visits
    1. Distinct visits: how many different sessions did this visitor already have with you
    2. Time on site: How much time in total did she spent on your website
  3. Location
    1. Where the visitor is logging in from
  4. Current page
    1. From which site did the visitor make a request for chat