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Connecting Whatsapp to giosg

Connect giosg with WhatsApp to receive all your messages in one interface. This integration is made possible through our partnership with CM.com.

Optional settings


First make sure that the giosg Whatsapp connector app has been shared to your organisation. 
To use the giosg Whatsapp connector, a Whatsapp for Business account via CM.com is needed.  Already have a CM.com account and have verified your Whatsapp number? Then proceed to the "Installation" part.

Create a CM account

  1. Inform sales@giosg.com that you want to start using WhatsApp with giosg. Giosg can provide you with a “Partner referral form” for getting the WhatsApp service at discount.

  2. Get a phone number to use for WhatsApp. The number should be able to receive SMS messages or answer a call during the process. 

  3. Register your company with CM.com at https://www.cm.com/register/

Request WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)

  1. In your CM.com portal's Channels management section, request WhatsApp Business Account (WABA). During the registration process, indicate that you will "handle conversations" with giosg.com.

  2. In the CM.com portal, fill in your WhatsApp business profile to present your business inside the WhatsApp application. This includes your company logo, phone number, description etc.

Please contact CM.com for more information on the CM.com installation process.



In your giosg account

When you have received confirmation that your business is accepted to WhatsApp, you can proceed to configure the giosg Whatsapp connector app in your giosg account. 

In Settings → Apps → Whatsapp Connector → Setup:

    • Configure your phone number, Product Token and Account ID in giosg app settings. Your Product token and Account ID should be copied from your CM.com environment.
      • The Product token can be found in CM.com from Channels→ WhatsApp Business→ Gateway →HTTP Settings: ProductToken . 
      • The Account ID can be found in cm.com from Channels→ WhatsApp Business → copy ID from page URL, which will look something like this:
        Screenshot 2021-09-17 at 14.36.21 
    • Choose the room your Whatsapp messages for the number(s) should take place in.

In your CM.com portal

Configure CM.com's Messaging Gateway to Forward Responses to Giosg (in CM.com), by inserting the giosg webhook URL in CM.com Messaging Gateway settings. Instructions for this below:

Select Channels → WhatsApp Business→ Choose your profile→ Incoming Messages. 
Click Add destination ,choose Webhook and fill in "Content type: Json"
Enter the webhook url: https://some-manager.giosg.app/whatsapp/cm/messages

Now messages sent to your WhatsApp business account will appear as new conversations in the room that you selected in the giosg settings!


Not sure if giosg Whatsapp app is included in your subscription, or need a Partner referral form for CM.com? Contact us at sales@giosg.com.


Optional settings: WhatsApp Template messages

Facebook considers WhatsApp to be a personal messaging platform and limits advertising type of messages. Templates are needed when you want to send a message outside of the 24 hour Customer Care Window, so when the last message by the customer is from over 24 hours ago.
With the template message you ask for permission for continued discussion.

When you have formulated the template in your CM.com account, you can set the template to be used for a phone number from your giosg app settings (Settings → Apps→ WA→ Setup→ Template management).

Note: when selecting the language on your CM.com account (e.i. en_GB, en_US or en), it needs to match the same language on your giosg account.