Visitor queue

In contact centers, a queue is where Visitors virtually wait to interact with an Agent.

You have the option to activate the queue for your visitors, which can be applied to all interactions including chats, virtual and telephony calls.

  • By enabling this feature, you can ensure that visitors are informed about the wait time, helping them decide whether to stay and wait or try interacting with an Agent later to avoid frustration.
  • Utilize this waiting period as an opportunity to engage visitors with promotions or interactions, potentially increasing conversion rates.

The queue system is designed to adapt based on the Agent's recent behavior in the last 10 chats. Visitors will see an estimated wait time in minutes, with a maximum of 30 minutes displayed and anything less than 1 minute not shown at all.


If you want to enable this feature for your company, please contact us at Currently this feature can only be activated on a company level, meaning all rooms will either use the queue or not.