Publishing interactions

Once you have built your interaction and tested it on Interaction Builders's preview page, it is time to publish. 

When you publish an interaction you can decide on the following things:

  • Do you want to show the interaction on all pages on your website, or only on a few selected ones?
  • Should the interaction be showing on all devices (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet)?
  • Should there be a time delay (After “x” seconds, the interaction should show)

You can publish your interaction on the Publish page in Interaction Builder. 
Start by choosing the domain or room that you want to use the interaction in. If you want the interaction to trigger on specific webpage, fill in the URL string for that page . Finally, edit which devices the interaction will be showing for and set a delay for it if needed.

Screenshot 2021-05-31 at 10.18.18

Use the "Publish" button at the top right corner of the page to publish the interaction. If you make changes to your interaction after Publishing it, always remember to Republish it so that your changes also reflect on the live interaction.

Using URL, device and delay is a good start but it is possible to use more advanced targeting of interactions as well. .

Want to test your interaction on the website before making it visible to everyone?
This article shows you one way to do it.


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