Measure performance with goals

With giosg Goals you can monitor how your actions are performing.

The rules in your account are all created to achieve a specific goal. For some it can be purchased carts, for others the goal may be more newsletter subscriptions. Our Goals reporting can be used to monitor how your rules are performing. Goals are also needed for A/B testing, where the A/B test will show how different actions (different interactions or maybe different proactive chat messages) contribute in achieving a specific goal.  

Creating goals

Goals are created from Settings → Goals. Goals consist of conditions, so the logic is very similar to Rules and how they work. Define the conditions that make up your goal, and choose if the goal should be tracked in all rooms or only in some.

Screenshot 2021-05-25 at 14.56.43

Goals in interactions

It is also possible to set views in interactions as goals, and monitor how many times a view has been seen.  If you for example have created a lead form and want to monitor how many filled in the form, you could assign a goal to the thank you - view.
You can create view-specific goals, or use the same goal for several views. 

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 15.42.01       Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 15.42.20

Remember to republish the interaction when a goal has been assigned to a view!

Monitoring goals

When you have created the Goal you can see it in the Goals list and can monitor it from the reporting. Use the "Goals" report (in the "Rules and Goals" section) to see how many time each of your goals have been met.

 The "Rules and Goals" report gives you and understanding of how your rules are helping you achieve the goals.

Screenshot 2021-05-25 at 15.00.43

The total impressions numbers tell you how many times the rule has been activated, which tells you which rule is being triggered the most. You can also see how many of the visitors that were subjected to a rule then went on to achieve a specific goal. For example, how many of those that received an autosuggest started chatting, or how many of those that saw a popup purchased.

Goals can also be tracked in Google Analytics. Read more here.


If you want to take optimizing your set up to the next level, why not try A/B testing? Read more about A/B testing here